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I was at Cloud Connect in Santa Clara a few weeks ago watching fellow Racker Lisa Larson give a well-received presentation about how IT departments would be wise to consider adopting a service provider mentality. Afterward, I joined Lisa at Rackspace’s booth to engage in some Q&A with conference attendees. There were plenty of great questions from other IT professionals, but interestingly, the question that garnered the most interest wasn’t about technology, but was about managing change:
Sometimes growth can be inconsistent and unpredictable – not ideal when trying to plan for traffic demands on your server. Leveraging the power of the Cloud with your dedicated servers has become a popular option for a growing number of Rackspace customers, thanks to scalability of the Cloud infrastructure.
The recent product launches of RackConnect and Critical Sites has strengthened Rackspace’s Cloud hosting capabilities and provided more support to the Enterprise market. RackConnect offers customers a flawless integration of the Rackspace Cloud and dedicated hosting. The new Critical Sites service level provides advanced monitoring for customers who rely on their websites and applications as mission critical to their business.
With RackConnect, Rackspace customers can combine dedicated physical servers with Cloud Servers over a private, isolated connection. To show you how you can use this functionality in your business, we’ve documented how some of our customers are leveraging this capability to better serve their technology needs.  One of these customers, Major League Gaming, has built their online applications using RackConnect on a Rackspace hybrid platform to help keep them at the forefront of online game competitions:
This post comes to you from Toby Owen, Rackspace Product Manager for Hybrid Hosting Solutions.
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