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Rackspace Cloud Files is a massively scalable cloud object storage system built using OpenStack Swift. As with other OpenStack projects, Swift is written in Python to take advantage of its rich technical features, fast delivery of capabilities and quick ramp-up time for developers to contribute.
Rackspace Cloud Files is a super easy, reliable and cost efficient way to store your Cloud Sites website content.
Combining Rackspace Cloud’s RBAC with Cloud Files’ ACLs allows you to control read or write access to a particular container and for a particular user.
This is one of a collection of posts I’ve written recently to provide a high-level introduction to all of the products and services available within a Rackspace Cloud Account. I like to think of them as the building blocks of the Internet. Each post will give a description of the product, how to use it, the costs and the most frequently asked questions about that product.
We recently updated the Rackspace Control Panel to simplify setting up a Cloud Files static website. In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to set up a static website using Cloud Files and the Control Panel.
You face a difficult decision in coming days – the press has reported that Nirvanix, your cloud storage provider, is closing its cloud services and you must decide where to take your data.
So you have setup your website on Cloud Sites. Now what? Backups!
There is nothing more annoying than a site not loading when you are browsing the web. Did you know that every second delay in page load time results in a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction?
The verdict is in: distributed object stores like Rackspace Cloud Files, based on OpenStack Swift, are winning the battle for scale-out storage. Anyone can now deploy petabyte-scale storage on inexpensive commodity hardware with data-durability and availability guarantees that far exceed RAID based setups, at a fraction of the cost.
The world has shifted from a one-way communication, such as from media companies to its consumers, to a more two-way channel. In fact, the proliferation of social photo and video apps has made us all content creators. This presents several challenges for developers when it comes to the different kinds data that now must be stored and available for users. Here are some ways developers can take advantage of our Cloud Files object storage and the Content Delivery Network (CDN) that serves up that information.
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