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I’m sure you already know that load times for websites and applications matter on the Internet, so we won’t go into detail about trying to prove that point. But how can you decrease the load times for your site or app?
This post explores embedding a Rackspace Cloud Files-hosted video using the new HTML5 standard, like this: Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video.
HTML5 makes it easy to share podcasts, recordings and more across all modern browsers. Today we will explore embedding a Rackspace Cloud Files-hosted recording using the new HTML5 audio standard, like this:
Want to improve the experience of working with media on your WordPress pages on Rackspace Cloud Sites? We have upgraded our one-click WordPress installer to the latest version of WordPress, version 3.5. WordPress 3.5 streamlines and improves how you work with media. The latest version of WordPress includes a re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries, and a new default theme with a mobile-first responsive design. Check out the WordPress 3.5 announcement for more details.
OpenStack Swift is a highly-available, distributed object store that you can use for storing all sorts of files, such as media, backups and archives.
Today’s media consumers are putting more stress on websites and applications than ever before – viewing more videos and images, streaming more audio and downloading more files.
The constant battle a web site administrator must fight is the resource requirements of their site in contrast with the resource requirements of the configuration it is run on. In the end, this will almost always dictate how many user requests can be handled at any point in time. A common tool in the arsenal to fight this battle is to find clever ways to off load these common, or static, requests, off the server and allow it to spend as much time as possible delivering dynamic content as quickly as it can handle. This allows a server to not handle more request than before, but leaves it free to address more than previously it would have.
A leading industrial painting company has embraced all that cloud technology has to offer, specifically when it comes to documenting the work they’re doing as they continue to restore the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the country’s most historic bridges.
This post is a guide to maintaining a Jekyll website on the Akamai-powered Rackspace Cloud Files CDN network. However, it may serve as a general guide for hosting any static website on the network.
Incumbant: WordPress I have used WordPress to manage my personal website for the past two years. The system performed excellently, and it consistently handled traffic spikes with quick load times.
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