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The hosting landscape was rapidly evolving when Jonathan Bryace and Todd Morey started Cloud Sites. At the time, providers were looking at ways to provide discounted hosting, but didn’t offer a lot of advantages to the customer. Cloud Sites changed this by offering a robust platform.
Before, access to infrastructure may have held back smaller design shops, but that is no longer the case with the cloud. Cloud Sites is a powerful tool that can be used for larger applications and websites.
Prior to Cloud Sites, the founders had been working together for five years. The team built applications both for Rackspace and others, and they recognized that they needed to run somewhere. But after they built the app, the founders would have to sys admin the servers they ran on.
I recently joined the Cloud Sites team as a product marketing manager and have enjoyed working with such talented Rackers on defining the next version of the product. However, I also realize the importance of understanding the origin of a product as you look to carry it forward in the future. I was fortunate to get to sit down and visit with Jonathan Bryce and Todd Morey, the founders of Mosso (which would eventually become Cloud Sites).
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