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There are paradigm shifts that occur with the release of any new technology. This holds true for hosting in the cloud as opposed to more traditional dedicated hosting. Before we get into those differences, I want to talk about something else: fishing.
It’s great to get recognized in whatever industry your company is in, and at Rackspace, we want to be the leader in hosting and cloud computing.  One of the many places that track the cloud race is, which started tracking websites hosted on the top cloud providers back in July 2009.
Today Rackspace is defining a new category of hosting – Managed Cloud – much as we did a decade ago when we led the way in Managed Hosting. Our first service offering in this new category is Cloud Servers with a managed service level, marrying our industry-leading 24×7 managed service on dedicated hosting with our highly scalable on-demand Cloud Servers. The end result is a premier offering allowing your business to spend less time worrying about infrastructure and instead more time focusing on the core business.
From a partridge in a pear tree to twelve drummers drumming, the Christmas season has come a bit early here at Rackspace. Instead of the traditional gifts, Rackspace is serving up great options for your business hosting needs. This season let Fanatical Support® from Rackspace do the worrying for you, so that you can focus on your core business functions.
This post comes to you from Robert Fuller, Rackspace VP of Worldwide Channel Sales.
Lew Moorman, President of Cloud at Rackspace and Chief Strategy Officer, recently did an op-ed for discussing how the cloud is enterprise ready. “Cloud computing is for everyone but not for everything,” Lew is often quoted saying and enterprises are slowly discovering which pieces of their IT infrastructure fit in the cloud and which pieces are optimal to keep in-house or hosted on dedicated gear. This hybrid approach allows businesses, small and large, to run more efficiently and save money where appropriate.
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Imagine a world where code used by the biggest clouds is freely available to any developer, anywhere. A world where that code was a standard used to build private clouds as well as a variety of new service offers. In this world, workloads could be moved around these clouds easily – you could fire your cloud provider for bad service or lack of features, but not have to rewrite the software to do it. Imagine an open source cloud operating system that lifts IT to the next level of innovation, just as Linux drove the web to new heights.
Congratulations Google from all of us at Rackspace. Los Angeles, California is going with Google Apps for its new city-wide email solution. This is a big win for you and for Los Angeles.
Google has recently conducted a study that confirms what we are seeing in the marketplace. More and more companies are moving to the cloud, even as cost is cited as a barrier by those resistant to change:
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