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If you have a site that is served over https only, you might be interested in a “hidden” feature of Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers. You can set up a Cloud Load Balancer to redirect to https in two different ways, but currently only one of them is exposed in the Rackspace Control Panel.
With the cloud, solutions that were once only affordable to the largest organizations are now cost effective solutions for small and midsized businesses. Cloud load balancers are one of these things.
Chris Spencer is a Product Manager in our Platform Product Line We’re pleased to announce some updates for our Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers product.  New features that are now available include:
Today we have released an important update to the Rackspace app for iPhone™, iPod Touch™, and iPad™.  This new version gives you the power to manage your Cloud Load Balancers on the go.
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