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Rackspace is committed to empowering our customers with the most relevant data when it comes to making intelligent technical and business decisions regarding their IT investment. This includes everything from average server load, disk capacity, ping alerts from various points on the Internet and even synthetic transaction monitoring.
This is one of a collection of posts I’ve written recently to provide a high-level introduction to all of the products and services available within a Rackspace Cloud Account. I like to think of them as the building blocks of the Internet. Each post will give a description of the product, how to use it,  the costs  and the most frequently asked questions about that product.
As a Technical Lead for the Rackspace Startup Program, I often work with customers who don’t know or aren’t sure how or where to use the cloud to beef up their SaaS application infrastructure.
The open cloud is all about choice. And we want to provide you, our customers, the ability to choose how you manage your Rackspace open cloud environment.
Cloud Load Balancers is continuing to grow its footprint by providing valuable features to our growing customer base. In recent months, Cloud Load Balancers has added several customer requested features including SSL Termination at the load balancer, secondary backend node options, metadata support and a growing list of supported protocols. Rackspace is proud to announce that we have added three more features to Cloud Load Balancers that are available today via the API. These new features will be offered in the control panel very soon.
Rackspace is pleased to announce that we’ve added a handful of new API features for Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers.
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