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Earlier this year Racker Anne Gentle blogged about her contributions to the OpenStack Operations Guide, an instructional book highlighting how to operate the cloud on a daily basis. Fueled by caffeine and take-out food, Anne and a dream team of cloud evangelists and developers outlined, wrote and edited the 230-page book in just five days at the Rackspace Austin office.
Lots of companies out there will come out and sell you software, hardware or both to help you build a private cloud. It’s our opinion at Rackspace and the opinion of thousands of customers using our cloud solutions every day that OpenStack, by far, represents the best software for building a cloud. Our public cloud is powered by OpenStack and our private clouds are built using our freely available Rackspace Private Cloud Software. We use reliable and tested hardware in our data centers and help our customers architect and implement the same reliable, high performance hardware in their own data centers.
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