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With many people adopting a cloud only solution, this is one question that I think should be asked more often, “I have my entire architecture in the cloud, so why would I want a physical server?”
Two critical pieces for any website or online app are the Domain Name System (DNS) and email. Since these two items are so important for your online site, one question that I would like to see our customers ask is, “Should I host my DNS or email with Rackspace?”
When it comes to hosting your app, many decisions that you make today can have an impact on the future. One question that more people should ask is: “How can I design a configuration within my budget today that gives me all the options for growth and stability down the road?”
One of the questions that folks need to ask more often is, “Do I have to move everything to the cloud in order to take advantage of it?”
This week kicks off a new series called “Cloud Questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had.” I want to discuss some topics that folks might not even consider as they look toward taking advantage of the cloud.
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