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Security is a topic that has finally come of age. We no longer need to spend time discussing the sophistication and persistence of the threat, the risk associated with the Internet of Things and mobile devices, the devolution of the perimeter, the need for deterrence over prevention or the value of security versus compliance.
The following post is written by Stephen Coty, chief security evangelist at Alert Logic.
Is it any wonder that security is a leading inhibitor to cloud adoption?
This guest post is by Jon Oberheide, co-founder and CTO of Duo Security, which, as part of its relationship with Rackspace, provides best-of-breed, user-friendly two-factor authentication to our customers. 
More data and higher stakes are adding to the pressure to maintain bulletproof application security. With the hyper-connected nature of enterprise environments, single outages can wreak widespread havoc extending far beyond the IT department. End-user productivity takes a hit three times harder than IT productivity during an outage. Non-IT/security departments absorb more than half of DDoS attack-related costs with customer support bearing 63 percent of the burden.
By Stephen Coty, Chief Security Evangelist, Alert Logic
Recent activity with the Heartbleed vulnerability has the industry reeling and re-evaluating their security controls. We recently posted about the Rackspace response to this event, but while security is top-of-mind we’d like to share a new white paper on the topic of “Cloud Security in an Agile World.”
This is a guest post written and contributed by John Graham-Cumming, a programmer with CloudFlare, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner that offers cloud-based services to secure and accelerate websites.
Earlier this year Racker Anne Gentle blogged about her contributions to the OpenStack Operations Guide, an instructional book highlighting how to operate the cloud on a daily basis. Fueled by caffeine and take-out food, Anne and a dream team of cloud evangelists and developers outlined, wrote and edited the 230-page book in just five days at the Rackspace Austin office.
In this edition of the Google+ Office Hours Hangout, we talked about some of first steps to achieve security in the cloud. While security is a topic that deserves weeks of discussion, we wanted to give a quick overview on some of the basic practices. If you have any other questions about securing your solutions in the cloud, check out Wayne Walls’s security post as part of his Pillars of Cloudiness and feel free to give us a call at Rackspace and ask for a Launch Manager. Here are some of the highlights from last week’s Hangout – and you can scroll to the bottom to watch the Hangout in its entirety.
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