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Hosting over 400,000 sites across 112 countries, the Rackspace Cloud Sites product is the Platform-as-a-Service many advertising agencies and web design shops go to for creating sites that are stable, scalable and backed by support that is available in a moment’s notice.
SURGE Accelerator, based in Houston, was founded by leading energy industry executives, venture capitalists, angel investors, potential pilot companies and successful entrepreneurs. SURGE kicked off its inaugural spring 2012 class in early January. And on day 55, the Rackspace Startup Program stopped in for a visit to see how things were developing in the energy startup sector. Until SURGE, there wasn’t a collective effort to take ideas from prototype to commercialization in the field of energy and take advantage of the massive changes occurring like cloud computing and big data.
Despite the benefits of cloud computing and managed hosting, most mid-sized businesses in the US and the UK spend more than half of their time – 56 percent per month – on server management and troubleshooting, chopping the amount of time spent on value-added activities to a measly 28 percent, a new Rackspace survey has revealed.
You’ve presumably heard about this “cloud” thing, as it is single-handedly changing the IT game in many ways.  What is so great about the cloud, anyway?  One of the biggest reasons I like the cloud is it’s giving start-ups and smaller IT shops the chance to compete with some of the big boys.  The cloud, for all intents and purposes, is cheaper than traditional hardware, it takes much less time to stand up and it allows you to start working faster.
We’re thrilled to announce that Rackspace Hosting has been recognized as a market leader in Gartner’s 2011 Magic Quadrant For Managed Hosting, which encompasses both physical and virtualized infrastructures, including cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.
This is a guest post written and contributed by J.R. Storment, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Cloudability, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner. Cloudability helps businesses easily manage all their cloud spending, stop overages, and save money.
Since its launch nearly two years ago, OpenStack has caused quite a stir in the cloud computing market.
By now you’ve heard about OpenStack (perhaps you’ve even tried it out). Now here’s your chance to see where it all began—the OpenStack creation story, if you will.
Rackspace and Redapt have locked arms to deliver a fully packaged, turnkey private OpenStack cloud supported by Rackspace.
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