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Last week, we talked about the benefits of Hosted Exchange for IT shops. Now, let’s talk about user benefits. Business email users may not understand the underlying cost and productivity savings of Hosted Exchange, but they know the difference in freedom and accessibility that comes with the most used email platform in business.
Nearly 70 percent of the cost of on-premises Exchange is in maintenance. From a strategic aspect, email is a utility on par with having a dedicated phone number. Carrying the burden of deploying and managing this non-revenue generating system takes time and resources away from more strategic objectives. In order to deliver email more efficiently and reliably, business IT shops are turning to the cloud for Exchange. Exchange in the cloud delivers big benefits around the organization but is the most beneficial for IT. Here are a few reasons why:
We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for businesses to move into the cloud. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new do-it-yourself Migration App.
Congratulations Google from all of us at Rackspace. Los Angeles, California is going with Google Apps for its new city-wide email solution. This is a big win for you and for Los Angeles.
Google has recently conducted a study that confirms what we are seeing in the marketplace. More and more companies are moving to the cloud, even as cost is cited as a barrier by those resistant to change:
We’ve been arguing for a while now on our blog that for SMBs (small to medium sized businesses), moving your email to the cloud is a good idea. It saves money, helps make IT staff more productive, and increases reliability in general for the businesses that drive our economy. But we want to help you move your email to the cloud, so we would think that, right?
Last week, IBM announced their move to offer high volume cloud based email services. The offer, called LotusLive, is intended to counter the move to a new set of online offers like Google Apps, and our own Rackspace Email service. IBM is the latest in a long line of traditional enterprise software companies feeling the impacts of new SaaS models. And, like many of those companies, they intend to compete.
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