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Dan Di Spaltro is the General Manager in Rackspace’s San Francisco office. He graduated from Oregon State University in 2007 with a degree in Computer Science.  After graduation, he moved to Silicon Valley and worked for IBM doing consulting work. At the end of 2008, Dan co-founded and held the CTO duties of Cloudkick with two fellow OSU alums, Alex Polvi and Logan Welliver. Cloudkick focused on changing how the IT world managed and monitored servers in the cloud. By late 2010, Cloudkick had grown to 12 employees and the three founders sold Cloudkick to Rackspace Hosting. Dan remains fanatical about solving real problems using technology and building a strong company culture. We are about to get inside the mind of this startup evangelist and find out why getting to market is the most important part of a startup and how leveraging the cloud can get you there faster.
This post originally appeared on Paul Querna’s blog and we have reposted it here with his permission.
I am pleased to announce that today we begin taking applicants for the Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Private Beta. This is especially exciting because we will be offering technology created and integrated post-acquisition of Cloudkick joining the Rackspace family.
Today is the day.  Our Rackspace San Francisco office is opening its doors today to friends, family and the local San Francisco community.
About a year ago, Rackspace, along with 25 other companies launched OpenStack.  While it has been an incredible year for the project and deployments are cropping up around the globe, many have asked when Rackspace would put OpenStack into production.
Rackspace® Hosting is thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of Cloudkick, an award-winning Web application for easy and efficient cloud server management. Many of you already know the company as a Rackspace partner and leader in the Cloud tools space.
This news is taken from the original post on the Rackspace Blog.
This post was written and contributed by Logan Welliver, Co-Founder of Cloudkick, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner.
Rackspace wasn’t the first cloud out there and we appreciate the need to keep cloud monitoring easy.  For customers who started off on one cloud hosting provider but ended up also using us as well, there is CloudKick.  CloudKick allows you to monitor instances on Ec2, SliceHost and the Rackspace Cloud.
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