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When a team knows how to collaborate well, it’s no accident. The chemistry needed for effective teamwork can be months, or even years, in the making. And that’s for people who work in the same office every day.
Austin-based writer and artist Austin Kleon kicked off SXSW Interactive with his panel called “Show Your Work,” based on his latest book by the same title. Kleon argued that showcasing the creative process holds as much benefit for the creator as the end result. By showing your work, you are not operating in isolation, but becoming part of a scene. This community is where ideas are exchanged and valuable networks are made.
In the nine years that I’ve been working with SharePoint, there are some patterns that I’ve seen emerge as far as user adoption is concerned. In this article, I will talk about the typical five stages of user adoption that I see in organizations, in the order that they tend to happen.
SharePoint mirrors the features that keep millions engaged on popular social networking sites to give organizations an out-of-the-box solution to spur enterprise collaboration and innovation. As the social medium grows, users want the same tools at work that they use in their personal lives to share vacation pictures, funny videos and other content. Many of the social features in SharePoint 2010 map directly to the features and functionality that workers already use to stay in touch with business contacts and friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Rackspace is offering two additional complimentary webinars that highlight the new SharePoint 2010 functionalities that help make workflow and collaboration so much more customizable and easy than SharePoint 2007. Both webinars feature SharePoint architect Jeff DeVerter.
Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint—they’re household names. But there’s one Microsoft app that many businesses are just now beginning to discover. An app that increases productivity by fostering team communication and by helping users organize, share, and track documents across their organization:
If you use our Exchange Hybrid, you might not realize that Rackspace Email users can share their calendars with co-workers who use Exchange, even though they’re on different platforms. Here’s all you have to do . . .
Every business has to decide on ways to solve the everyday need of collaborating with others in and outside the organization. This leads to many businesses asking — “How can we help our employees be more productive?”
I receive several event invitations a week—sometimes even several a day. Every time I get an invitation, I either accept or decline, and then I delete the email. The way I see it, if I can’t attend the event, I don’t need to keep the invitation. And if I accept the invitation, the event information is transferred to my calendar.
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