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Rackspace is pleased to announce that OpenStack Principal Architect Egle Sigler and Vice President and Associate General Counsel Van Lindberg were both chosen last month to serve additional terms on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors.
“You almost have it. Let’s run it one more time.”
One of the tenets of Fanatical Support is proactively serving our customers – providing solutions to problems before customers know they have them and before they even have to ask.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Update: We got some great feedback about the first AMA with Jesse, so we’re moving the discussion space for Alex’s AMA from the Community to – that way it will be easier to follow the conversation and replies. In addition, we’re tightening up the timeframe – the AMA will happen on Tuesday ONLY, and not Tuesday through Thursday as originally planned. Finally, some of the other devs who work with Alex will be lending a helping hand, so there will be plenty of developer experience on tap for everyone! Hope to see you all there next Tuesday!
Sure we’re all about Fanatical Support and world-class technologies. But we’re also big on corporate social responsibility. (Have you checked out Rack Gives Back?)
This Thursday Rackspace is hosting its 4th annual Green Day to educate Rackers and the surrounding community about the latest in going green. This year’s Green Day will fall on Earth Day – April 22. Along with celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Rackspace will also be celebrating achieving the Castle’s LEED Gold Certification! The continuous recycling of the abandoned Windsor Park Mall into new and modern headquarters earned Rackspace the prestigious sustainable award.
Rackers all over the country are gearing up for the third annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. In November of 2008, Rackers were able to collect enough food to feed 500 San Antonio families, 25 Virginia families, 35 Austin families, and 60 families in the DFW area. All together, Rackspace joined together to support 620 families in need. This was a huge accomplishment and Rackers rallied together to achieve this goal.
Rackspace, The Junior League of San Antonio, HEB, Valero and North East Independent School District are working together to launch a new literacy initiative in San Antonio. The 2009 Summer Literacy Academy is a first of its kind program that is targeting more than 54 kindergarten through 5th grade students at Windcrest Elementary. The objective of this academy is to increase the literacy levels of students and have that increase endure.
We’re proud to announce the unveiling of our “Shared Community Compact” – a first of its kind partnership between Rackspace and North East Independent School District (NEISD). On Friday, April 3rd we announced our commitment to the revitalization of our surrounding community at an event at Roosevelt High School. To exemplify our commitment, Lanham Napier, president and CEO, Graham Weston, Chairman, NEISD Superintendent of Schools, NEISD leadership, student representatives and school principals signed the Compact which provides this initiative’s framework and intentions.
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