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As we kick off 2015, the Cloud Databases team has a few early gifts for you. Starting today, we support replication for Cloud Databases and added Control Panel integration for managing your configuration settings.
Rackspace is committed to empowering our customers with the most relevant data when it comes to making intelligent technical and business decisions regarding their IT investment. This includes everything from average server load, disk capacity, ping alerts from various points on the Internet and even synthetic transaction monitoring.
Cloud Databases instances are already preconfigured with a default set of metrics, including CPU, memory, disk usage, average load, network and MySQL specific metrics. You can monitor both real-time statistics and historical trends in usage using our API and our CLI. However, you have told us that you want that capability with a friendly user interface too. Today we extend monitoring of Cloud Databases into our Control Panel.
Starting today you can create copies of existing Cloud Block Storage volumes from the Control Panel with Volume Cloning.
You can now create and manage your backups in Rackspace Cloud Databases directly from the Control Panel with a simple user interface. This new capability continues our mission improve the Cloud Databases user experience and simplify database management.
If you have a site that is served over https only, you might be interested in a “hidden” feature of Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers. You can set up a Cloud Load Balancer to redirect to https in two different ways, but currently only one of them is exposed in the Rackspace Control Panel.
Cloud Networks provides you the flexibility to create fully isolated single-tenant networks in the cloud. In May, we launched the ability for you to attach or detach networks from Next Generation Cloud Servers (Performance and Standard flavors) via the Rackspace API. Now, you have the same capability through the Rackspace Control Panel. The ability to attach and detach networks via the Control Panel gives you the flexibility to add and remove networks from a live and operational Cloud Server.
We recently updated the Rackspace Control Panel to simplify setting up a Cloud Files static website. In this article, we’ll show you how easy it is to set up a static website using Cloud Files and the Control Panel.
Rackspace Cloud Files users now have finer control over how to manage objects and containers with several exciting new API and Control Panel features that we rolled out this week.
I just finished a thought provoking book on behavioral psychology: Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness, by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.  The gist of the book is how institutions and individuals can “nudge” people to make better/improved choices without being paternalistic or sales driven.
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