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There are four important forces impacting the world of applications today:
Can your business survive a website failure? The answer varies based on the criticality of your website to overall business operations. Walk into an understaffed brick and mortal establishment with a rusty, hard-to-open door, cracked windows and a faulty cash register — for most, the condition of the store would be enough to walk out without even checking out the products and services. If your business runs on the web, you can suffer the same loss of confidence with slow performance, rampant downtime and security holes.
Two years ago Rackspace introduced Critical Sites, the premiere, white glove, customized service for our customers’ most essential, and, well, critical websites. The Critical Sites team comprised Rackspace’s most experienced support team, the Web Scale Engineers, and fanatically supported some of the biggest names across media, banking, gaming and digital media. But we thought, “Why stop there?” That’s where the idea for Critical Application Services was born.
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