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The maturation of cloud computing is driving global growth, and the demand for multilingual support. Since a relatively small percentage of companies invest in formal language training programs, professionals have begun to rely upon translation apps to cope with the increasing volume of international requests. However, in the expanding global market a deep understanding of local culture is needed to provide quality support, and for that you need more than just an extensive vocabulary. While translation apps may seem like a great short term solution, failing to address the impact of language barriers can be costly to companies in the long run. Despite their usefulness, translation apps just can’t cut it when it comes to customer service.
I was recently interviewed by Pete Abilla, a blogger and friend, on Rackspace’s unique philosophy on customer experience. Everyone hears the words “Fanatical Support,” but what exactly does that phrase mean in terms of our customers’ experience with us? In the interview, I discuss with Pete how our Core Values, our NPS program and our Operational Excellence program work together as the secret sauce in helping our customers change the world.
Allen Stern was a long-time Rackspace customer. And he became a personal friend shortly after I joined Rackspace. Allen passed this last week, and our mutual friend Louis Gray wrote these words:
Rackspace’s Social Media Support Team this week took home a silver award for Front Line Customer Service Team of the Year at the seventh annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The award is an awesome recognition of our passion for customers and Fanatical Support.
Fanatical Support. It’s what we hang our hats on. You don’t become one of the world’s great service companies – which is our mission – without delighting customers.
At Rackspace, we’re all about Fanatical Support – our drive and mission to go above and beyond customers’ expectations to become one of the world’s best service companies.
Rackspace knows cloud hosting is a service business. Each client is running a unique operation with very different cloud needs, which will adapt over time based on how the client’s operations change. It is from this perspective the promise to provide clients with Fanatical Support is made.
A few weeks ago, the winner of our 2009 FANATI Award for Outstanding Customer Service,, came down to our corporate headquarters to receive the award from our CEO Lanham Napier. While they were here, their Founder and CEO Kevin O’Brien sat down with us and explained a little bit about why they chose Rackspace to begin with. You can also find out more about what does and why they won the FANATI here.
We are sure happy to welcome GitHub to Rackspace. I have gotten to know the founders of GitHub over the last year, and there is no question this is a team and concept that the world should not ignore. We are excited to support them as they continue to deliver great services to the developer community.
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