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Over the past two years, Rackspace Hosting® has witnessed some exciting times. We went public at a time when no one thought any company could do it. We launched The Rackspace Cloud, and our Cloud Strategy. We also acquired three companies, including Mailtrust , Slicehost and Jungle Disk all focused on providing solutions complimentary to the Rackspace vision.
Fanatical Support® is what we do, and for Rackspace customer Laughing Squid, we’ve been doing it for 10 years.  Happy 10th Anniversary, Laughing Squid!  We’re pretty sure we owe you something made out of tin, or is 10 years aluminum? Check out the blog post from Laughing Squid here.
On February 10th, just four days before Valentine’s Day, one of our customers, Golden State Communications, showed us the love and posted an amazing blog post about our service.  This all goes back to our goal to become one of the World’s Greatest Service Companies.
Rackspace recently gave our second annual Fanati™ award. The award honors the one customer that has best demonstrated excellence when it comes to customer service. Douglas Hanna, one of the contest judges, has written a special guest post about the contest and the winner.
Rackspace’s own Frederick Mendler recently particpated in a panel discussion at the Customer Service is the New Marketing summit. The topic of the discussion was scaling customer service. The panel, which was moderated by Marc Hedlund of Wesabe, also included Heather Champ from Flickr, Pratap Penumalli from Google, and Ross Mayfield from Socialtext.
When you set out to build one of the world’s greatest service companies like we have, you can’t help but become a fan of other companies with great service.
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