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In 2014, Rackspace launched our Solve series, one-day summits showcasing how companies can tackle their toughest technology challenges.
As organizations continue to look to the cloud to help them transform their business, they’re seeking solutions to protect one of their most valuable assets — data. Since we launched our mission has been to give enterprises a production-ready private cloud delivered as it should be — as a service — and designed to support their most demanding workloads.
Yesterday, the European Union Court of Justice ruled the U.S.- EU Safe Harbor framework invalid.
Where do big companies such as Adobe, eBay and Netflix go to to ensure their data is scalable, flexible, and secure? DataStax serves these companies and more by providing a platform for all their data to live on that is built on Apache Cassandra.
Pulling data was miserable. It took finding a developer, getting funding from finance, writing a complicated requirements document and a great deal of time. And even then, what you got was seldom what you wanted in the first place.
Simit Patel is a trader, writer, and technology entrepreneur. Simit blogs via
Last week we had the latest CloudU webinar, this time looking at the role of Open Standards in Cloud Computing. I was really excited to be joined on the call by Scott Sanchez, someone who is intimately involved with one of the biggest Cloud Open Standards plays, OpenStack. As well as Sanchez, we were joined by Sam Johnston, one of the founders of the Open Cloud Initiative, a group that seeks to further the aims and protect the interest of those looking for a Cloud ecosystem with open standards that protect customers and vendors alike.
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