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Think of the last time you made an online purchase.
Developing great products is hard. The most conservative estimates place new product failure rates at 50 percent or more. Many of us can relate to working on an exhilarating project with talented colleagues, where the solution was architected brilliantly and even delivered on-time, only to see the product fall short of expectations in the marketplace.
Performance is a key consideration in any infrastructure decision and an important topic for our customers, and therefore an important subject for Rackspace. Keeping a focus on performance and providing a high performance-to-price ratio is important for any cloud provider.
Since February 29th doesn’t come along too often, we though that it might be interesting to take a trip down memory lane. Using the Wayback Machine, we wanted to show you how our website has changed as well as our company and industry. Be sure to click on the image to see a larger version. Happy Leap Day!
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