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This week, Rackspace embarks on a global journey across the globe called Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud. Unlocked is a free one-day cloud workshop sponsored and hosted by Rackspace that we’ll hold in several major cities across the globe to help you determine which cloud environment – public, private or hybrid cloud – is the best fit for your application.
I was in a customer briefing recently discussing OpenStack and Rackspace Private Cloud. This particular customer was incredibly keen on cloud and had been keeping an eye on OpenStack since its inception in 2010. The customer was also very transparent, which made for a good bi-directional exchange of useful information that will undoubtedly help us to prioritize features for Rackspace Private Cloud.
You can now use Mailgun, the email automation engine we acquired in August, directly within the Cloud Control Panel. That’s right. It’s no fuss, no muss. There’s no separate account to sign up for or manage, and all Rackspace Cloud customers receive 50,000 emails per month absolutely free. If you want to send more than that, just add your credit card in the Mailgun control panel and start sending – it’s simple. And if you have questions about Mailgun, contact your regular Rackspace support team. If we can’t help you, we’ll escalate to the Mailgun team for you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of two different support teams.
We take customer support pretty seriously around here. Our philosophy is to include super valuable and responsive support with all our offers. For example, when you’re a customer and find out you’re going on national TV to pitch your product, we’ll be there to help with architecting and operating the situation at no additional cost. This is clearly not the standard level of support in the cloud space where even the most basic support costs a lot more on top of core cloud costs. Starting today, we take this already high standard to a new level with the launch of Rackspace Developer Support, an extension of our Fanatical Support specifically for developers.
I spoke several times recently mostly promoting Google Glass (so much so that a few people are wondering if Google is paying me, I assure you I bought my own Google Glass for $1,500 and Google isn’t paying me).
The amazing thing about working in San Francisco is how fast things move. Companies spring up out of nowhere and, seemingly overnight, become a natural part of your daily working routine. Speed matters in this environment.
Jonathan Siegel is a repeat entrepreneur, angel investor, father of six and leader of Exceptional Cloud Services – Rackspace’s most recent acquisition.
We are excited to announce that we have acquired Exceptional Cloud Services and its suite of developer solutions, including error tracking and Redis-as-a-Service capabilities. This acquisition continues to enhance our toolset for developers deploying and managing applications on the open cloud.
During SXSW Interactive, thousands of technologists from across the globe come to Austin to find out about the next big things on the tech horizon, share their knowledge as technology thought leaders with others, network with like-minded geeks and reserve their nocturnal hours for some of the most stellar parties on the planet. Within this subset of technologists are the developers, who are creating and building the architecture, infrastructure and software that allows you to run things on the web today.
Among the many reasons why people choose the cloud, one of the most powerful is the Application Programming Interface, more commonly referred to as the API. As developers continue adopting virtual environments to host their sites and apps, we’re seeing increasingly innovative and powerful uses of this feature.
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