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I worked with the Cloud Control Panel (aka Reach) team this summer as an intern at the Rackspace Blacksburg office. The Cloud Control Panel is a handy web interface to the OpenStack-based Rackspace Cloud APIs. It allows the user to provision a server, allocate storage, create database instances and much more, all with the click of a button. (Well, maybe more than one button, but you get the point.)
Think of the last time you made an online purchase.
If you want to be inspired by high school students who strive to better themselves and learn how to code in this Big Technology world we live in, than keep an eye open for one of the many CodeDay events going on across the country.
Getting an application designed, tested and running, then updating and improving it is no easy task — even in the best of times. There is a continuing quest for tooling that delivers automation of this work to allow more focus on what matters most: fast, efficient development. This automation is increasingly sought via a platform service layer that abstracts the compute, networking and storage details of the infrastructure service layer — offering simplification for application developers and the cloud operators who support them.
After attending SXSW Interactive for the past two years, I’ve noticed the industry seems to be shifting away from the Age of the Apps to the Dawn of Data. Rather than focusing on that next killer application, it appears that more people are trying to tap into the data that is being gathered to create the next big thing—and companies are actively encouraging developers to do so.
The way businesses build and consume open source software is radically changing and we’re fortunate to be at the vanguard of that change with the Solum project.
Testing is a good thing. It has to be – the world is telling us it is. There are conferences and hundreds of meetups around the world just to discuss testing. There are workshops and countless testing tools. There are tons of books explaining testing down to the very last detail. And, most of all, there are QA jobs. Testing is so vital that an entire discipline of software development is dedicated to it. Clearly, testing is really important.
I go to the gym and lift weights because I like the feeling of getting stronger and better. Two months ago, I started to feel a throbbing pain in my knees, yet I continued to go to the gym.
One of the key ideas in computer engineering is encapsulation. In short, it is removing the unneeded dependencies between unrelated components of a software program.
We take customer support pretty seriously around here. Our philosophy is to include super valuable and responsive support with all our offers. For example, when you’re a customer and find out you’re going on national TV to pitch your product, we’ll be there to help with architecting and operating the situation at no additional cost. This is clearly not the standard level of support in the cloud space where even the most basic support costs a lot more on top of core cloud costs. Starting today, we take this already high standard to a new level with the launch of Rackspace Developer Support, an extension of our Fanatical Support specifically for developers.
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