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The OpenStack Technical Committee recently decided to incubate Designate, an authoritative multi-tenant DNS-as-a-Service for OpenStack that features a command line client, REST API and integrates with Nova, Neutron and Keystone. Reaching incubation status within OpenStack is a key milestone along the path to becoming an OpenStack core project. Here at Rackspace, we look back fondly on the past year of learning about and collaborating on the project, and we are looking forward to the adoption of Designate and the continued evolution of the OpenStack ecosystem.
My co-host Alan Bush was out for this Hangout as he is on paternity leave with a new baby! We’re all awaiting his return, but glad that he is getting to spend some time with his newly expanded family. This past week in the Google+ Office Hours Hangout, we turned our attention to DNS, the address book for the Internet. You can click any of the links in the below bullets to go to that point in the Hangout, or you can watch the entire Office Hours on DNS by clicking here or going to the bottom of the page.
Two critical pieces for any website or online app are the Domain Name System (DNS) and email. Since these two items are so important for your online site, one question that I would like to see our customers ask is, “Should I host my DNS or email with Rackspace?”
Although DNS might not be one of the most glamorous services, it’s one of the most critical. Hosting your own DNS servers certainly isn’t trivial and it requires you to maintain your own highly available environments, keep up with security patches and tightly manage your configuration files.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Brian Jinwright, CEO and founder at iPoots LLC, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner. iPoots (Internet Processing of Our Terabytes of Storage) provides DNSly in order to simplify management of your DNS with Rackspace Cloud DNS and other cloud providers.
Back in July, we announced the public beta of our Cloud DNS API.  Based on customer feedback and hundreds of active public beta participants, we have made continuous improvements to ensure the API is production ready.   Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Rackspace Cloud DNS API to all US and UK cloud customers.
This post was originally posted on Robert Collazo’s blog here.
Today we’re pleased to announce the Rackspace Cloud Domain Name Service (DNS) API Private Beta to US and UK Cloud Customers by invitation only. This service will allow customers to programmatically create and manage their DNS records.  Currently, the operations available through the API include:
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