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International Military Antiques has gone through some significant changes since it was founded more than 30 years ago.
Back in the early days of ecommerce, using the search function of an online store was long-winded and unpredictable. Retailers and their developers had to design systems that could cope with spelling mistakes and ambiguous searches and slowly but surely, we began to embrace that all-powerful search box and trust the results it provided. As time has gone on, and data volumes have grown along with technology, we’ve been able to segment the results, grouping them by format, or by date, or by colour
Last week, we published The Ecommerce Customer Experience to help site operators start thinking about the building blocks of creating an ideal customer experience. Taking the time to focus on the customer experience can mean getting a bigger piece of the pie, as 86 percent of surveyed shoppers say they’d be willing to pay more for an improved site experience. The infographic below details some stats around the importance of paying attention to your site experience and how ecommerce hosting on the cloud can help.
You can build a slick site filled with popular products and rock-bottom prices, but if customers don’t trust your site or find themselves unable to navigate from browsing to cart to payment, your site could be doomed for failure.
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