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Rackspace believes in the promise of Fanatical Support, both for our customers and our communities. In our local office communities it takes the form volunteerism and investing in k-12 STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). We believe that openly sharing within our communities makes us all smarter and fortifies our community’s technical and entrepreneurial foundations. We do this around the globe, from Texas to Australia, and it is especially evident in our mid-Atlantic developer office in Blacksburg Va. — affectionately known as “Racksburg”
When we launched the Open Cloud Academy last year, one of our goals was to help make technology careers and education more inviting to women and minorities. We want to help improve talent diversity in our industry.
In the last few months, you’ve seen stories on the Rackspace Blog about our involvement with organizations and groups like Black Girls Code that encourage young women to pursue careers in programming and software development. We’ve also highlighted our work with Lean In and encouraged getting more women involved with OpenStack.  And over on our Developer Blog, we told you about how OpenStack was getting involved with the Grace Hopper Foundation.
It’s been almost five months since we launched the Open Cloud Academy, an educational organization designed to arm students with affordable IT training and industry standard certifications, specifically around open cloud technologies.
Organizations are struggling to hire talent with the cloud computing skills necessary for the new world of IT. We see it ourselves. In a recent survey of 1,300 companies, we found that more than half of the organizations we polled suffer from a shortage of cloud computing talent.
As the world becomes more high tech, the White House recognizes the importance of education programs to get Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals in the workplace. The President is pushing for one million STEM graduates to fill this growing need.
STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is so near and dear to us not only because the “T” in STEM is what our business is based on, but also because STEM education is fundamental to driving innovation and keeping our nation’s workforce competitive. Through the Rackspace Foundation and the efforts of individual Rackers, we support a host of STEM-focused organizations and programs in our local communities and nationwide. To coincide with today’s kickoff of Computer Science Education Week, we prepared an overview of the current state of STEM education. Despite a bleak outlook just a few years ago, the infographic below reveals advances in scoring and participation in STEM subjects.
Some providers sign you up for a complex problem solver like SharePoint® and leave you on your own. Not the Fanatics at Rackspace. We’ve pulled together a few of our SharePoint webinar resources to present you with an easy way to find out what SharePoint is and some basics of getting started. Each week, we’ll deliver a new tip to help you make the most out of SharePoint.
Last month we held a fantastic SharePoint Summit with our friends at SharePoint 911 and Microsoft. Now we’re ready to ride the momentum and help our small-to-medium sized businesses set up their brand new SharePoint sites starting from scratch.
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