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Another email alert has popped up on your screen; you just left a meeting and have another one in an hour. And your mind shifts with the tide of conversation filling the cube farm. Are you going to have to come in on the weekend again to get things done?
Things that are not a good idea:
By keeping your fingers on the keyboard and using the mouse less frequently, you can fly through reading, replying, and managing your inbox. Bookmark this page for quick reference or download a printable quick reference card for your favorite email client to post near your computer.
Rackspace Webmail users, did you know you can place a call, from within Webmail, with one mouse click? With Skype’s built-in browser toolbars, you can initiate a call directly from any webpage—including Webmail.
I love the idea of organization.  But, somehow, the reality of it never quite works for me.  Until now.  My New Year’s Resolution this year is to get organized and I’m starting with my email.
There’s nothing more non-productive than digging through emails looking for that all-important link that someone sent you a while back, when you actually need it now. That’s what Bookmarks are for, right? But what if you’re not at your own computer, or you’re like me and you use several computers with multiple browsers? As it turns out, Rackspace Email solves this problem. If you have a Rackspace Email account and you use the Webmail interface, you’re all set. Just use Tasks! Tasks?
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