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Two key themes that were woven into the fabric of Rackspace::Solve New York on Thursday were velocity and agility – and that the underpinnings of our infrastructure must deliver the performance that empowers your business to achieve those goals.
Our new UK data centre was designed from the ground up to be green. From minimizing landfill and the impact on the environment during the upcoming construction, to using cutting edge technologies like “indirect outside air” cooling, to achieving BREEAM certification; the 130,000-square-foot Crawley, West Sussex-based data centre illustrates our mission to be good stewards of the environment and reinforces our focus on energy conservation.
Most things in life require energy. From the refrigerator and the microwave to the iPhone and the iPad; nearly everything we touch uses some form of embedded energy. Cloud computing is no different, except in one crucial respect: it’s the most efficient — and energy-efficient — form of computing yet invented.
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