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I think that there is one trap that all aspiring entrepreneurs fall into – wanting to keep their idea a secret so someone doesn’t steal it. I know I have fallen victim to this numerous times (and probably will succumb to keeping future ideas on the down-low as well), but keeping your idea a secret only prevents you from realizing the full potential of it.
Even though I’ve worked on startups that create apps, I’m not a developer. If you were to ask me to write some code, I would have to reach into the depths of my memory to my freshman year as a Chemical Engineering major to recall how to write the “Hello world” program in C++.  However, the Internet has connected us in a way that allows information sharing and knowledge transfer so even a non-developer has the ability to create software.
People get inspiration from a variety of places. I get ideas while browsing the web, showering in the morning, waking up from a deep sleep and drinking at the bar (I would love to see an infographic on how many ideas were hatched over a brew). You’ve been hit with a flash of genius for a new software application, so now what’s next?
The world is changing with the advent and mainstream adoption of the cloud. Not since the Italian Renaissance have we seen this level of creative energy unleashed. But as opposed to being locked in geographically to Western Europe, this revolution is sweeping the globe.
Over the last year it has truly been a privilege to share stories with you about some of the companies, partners and events that the Space Cowboys have attended within the Rackspace Startup Program. The technology world is buzzing with brilliant entrepreneurial minds creating new ways and improving on old ones, making our planet a better place. This innovation makes the stories easy to tell.
Los Angeles is a world center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology and education. Nicknamed “The City of Angels,” it is the second largest city in the United States, and LA is ranked the third richest and fifth most powerful and influential city in the world. Los Angeles is now a hot bed for the startup community with the inception of Start Engine, a rapid accelerator program created by Howard Marks, Co-Founder of Activision, and Paul Kessler, Principal and Founder of Bristol Capital Advisors, LLC, and one of the most prolific investors in Los Angeles. The Rackspace Startup Program was there for the launch of Start Engine last week.
Travel is a key priority for the Rackspace Startup Program. We are constantly on the go visiting with startups and key partners. Keeping track of and using frequent flyer miles to save the company in travel expenses can be confusing at times. The Space Cowboys would like to introduce you to who helps travelers take control of their frequent flyer and loyalty points once and for all, and help them get things travelers really care about…like free travel. It is the easiest and best way to manage your frequent flyer miles.
It’s no secret that Rackspace loves startups! Enough so that the company launched the Rackspace Startup Program this year and we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs drive the next generation of businesses by providing Cloud Computing hosting and coaching through select incubators, accelerators, investors and others who share our passion for startups. We are now over 30+ partners and 300+ companies strong in the program and growing. Every day, we meet these great startups that join the program and work hand in hand with our key partners in the startup community.
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