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In this interview with Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding, two of the co-creators of the Erlang programming language, Duncan McGreggor, Sr. Engineering Manager at Rackspace gets a journey through Erlang’s background, look at its strengths, and ponder the future of computing in a distributed world.
When I tell people that I work with Erlang at Rackspace they generally assume that I work on cloud offerings or OpenStack. In fact, my team, the Foundation Development and Automation Team, is part of the Infrastructure Services group and we support the traditional dedicated hosting business. As far as I know we are unique within Rackspace as the only team with a mission haiku:
Rackspace senior developer, Phil Toland, is speaking at the Erlang Factory 2012 Conference this week in San Francisco where he will discuss a case study of using the Erlang language at Rackspace.
My father used to be an auto mechanic. Every so often the Cornwell or Snap-On tool truck would come by his garage and he would wander through it like a kid in a candy store. To this day he has large rolling toolboxes full of the mysterious implements of car repair. Each tool was useful in some situation where it made his job easier in some cases, and doable in others.
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