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While the PC is still the most popular gaming device for many online gamers, smartphones and tablets are quickly catching up. Rackspace Startup Program startup Double Stallion Games is an independent game studio based in Montreal, Canada, that focuses on mobile games. The company’s mission is to bring arcade-style games to mobile devices the right way with HD cartoon graphics and great touch controls.
Every year a group of Rackers, their friends and family members get together to participate in a great charity called Extra Life. The main event is a marathon 24-hour game-a-thon full of every imaginable computer, console and tabletop game. Every penny raised goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
UPDATE: The Extra Life marathon was a huge success. Extra Life is still pulling in the donations, but so far they have surpassed their total from last year and have eclipsed the $140,000 mark. And The Rackspace Gaming Team had a great time doing their part. Here is the info to the money they raised so far.
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