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Today Apple unveiled the sleek and sexy iPad mini and gdgt was again at the forefront to cover the iPad mini launch event live.
What’s the link between Apple, gdgt and Rackspace? Apple releases new innovative products; gdgt shares the latest news with millions of visitors; Rackspace Cloud Sites ensures that gdgt’s site stays up and running so that Apple fans can get the latest info. (pronounced “gadget”) is the best place to get reviews and product information about consumer electronics from people who actually know.
When Apple makes big announcements, the tech world seems to stand still. Or rather, it’s tech workers’ productivity that slows to a crawl, as they seek out live blogs of those lucky enough to be in the room at 1 Infinite Loop., a Rackspace Cloud hosting customer integrating both Cloud Sites and Cloud Files products, seamlessly handled 4.7 million web page views in less than two hours as a result of’s live coverage and live blogging of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 on June 8 in San Francisco, CA. The much-anticipated keynote was the highlight of the sold-out WWDC 2009. During the keynote, Apple announced among other notable technologies, a new feature-rich and fast iPhone 3G S, a $99 version of the iPhone, and new Macbook Pro products.
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