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The holiday season is a week shorter this year. No need to panic, we’ve made shopping for the geeks on your gift list easy. Whether it’s a co-worker, family member or your best buddy, this geek gift generator (updated for the 2013 season) will help you find a gift that’ll jingle their bells. Use it to buy the perfect gift or share with your circle to luck out with one of these gifts in your holiday gift stack. Click Spin for a random selection or you can lock in your receiver’s interests, your budget or their geek level.
When you’re in love with a geek, Valentine’s Day is a daunting holiday. Finding a romantic, geek-inspired gift on your own takes time, thought and imagination. Should all of those fail you, we’ve created a handy geek gift giving guide for Valentine’s Day to give you some ideas and inspiration. To use, select and lock all or none of the categories. Specify if you’re buying for a him or a her and then click spin for a quirky, geek-leaning gift for that special person.
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