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1-800-961-2888 is simplified server management across clouds. It features a unified interface for several public and private clouds to eliminate the need to deal with several tools and APIs. provides a touch-friendly web console for safe access to your servers from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. In the event of a problem, sends a notification, which can be handled from virtually anywhere you are connected. For common, recurring issues you can even automate your responses.
DropBox simplified online storage. GitHub simplified revision control. And, member of the Rackspace Startup Program, is looking to simplify server management.
Negotiation between legal parties has historically been a process dominated by uncertainty, guessing games and anxiety. However, today’s professionals can make strategic decisions based on deep data and predictive analytics to improve conventional wisdom and to correct cognitive errors in judgment.
ParLevel Systems is aiming to disrupt the vending machine industry, an old business if there ever was one.
Encouraging your children to play sports is one way to help them learn skills that can be vital to success later in their life, especially teamwork, which is essential both on and off the field.
Rackspace’s collaborative developer workspace Geekdom San Francisco co-hosted a hackathon recently with the Highground Hackers to develop solutions to mental health issues. The hackathon generated 12 great solutions to real challenges.
This past week we got to take a sneak peek into the newest home for Geekdom, the place where startups are born, out in San Francisco. Started almost two years ago in San Antonio, the hometown of Rackspace, Geekdom has become the largest co-working space in Texas with 45,000 square feet of makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. The San Francisco location opened up a couple of months ago, so we wanted to chat with some of the folks who worked over there on the West Coast.
Today, Geekdom San Francisco opens its doors to provide a new home for developers and startups alike. If you’re working on developer-focused opportunities, or are building something intimately connected to cloud computing, there’s no better place to be close to the action.
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