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Do you have a kick-butt startup, but can’t make it out to SXSW Interactive in Austin next month to spread the word? Here’s your chance to do it in a big way – without having to travel.
In a recent CloudU report we talked about the fact that a lack of formal cloud computing qualifications is something of a barrier to organizations adopting the Cloud. It’s something we’re trying, in some small way, to address with the CloudU certificate, but nonetheless the fact remains that when it comes to cloud computing, many times it comes down to just diving in and having a go.
Congratulations Google from all of us at Rackspace. Los Angeles, California is going with Google Apps for its new city-wide email solution. This is a big win for you and for Los Angeles.
Google has recently conducted a study that confirms what we are seeing in the marketplace. More and more companies are moving to the cloud, even as cost is cited as a barrier by those resistant to change:
There is a proven theory in the investing world about how one should not put all their eggs in one basket. In a word, diversification. The logic of diversification has been applied to many circles of life, but it is now proving to be good advice in communications, especially email.
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