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Cloud Office at Rackspace thrived in 2014 with major product developments and huge customer wins. Each year Cloud Office teams strategize on how to provide the best services and products for our customers worldwide. The execution of those strategies in 2014 resulted in a mega year for Cloud Office and our customers alike.
For more than 15 years our mission has been to help businesses find success with technology. It pains us to watch people struggle with the very tools that are supposed to improve their businesses. That’s why we created our award-winning Fanatical Support.
There’s been some buzz lately about the fact that Microsoft has decided to fully document the Outlook PST storage format and open it up for developers to freely code against.  So what does this mean? . . .
Congratulations Google from all of us at Rackspace. Los Angeles, California is going with Google Apps for its new city-wide email solution. This is a big win for you and for Los Angeles.
Google has recently conducted a study that confirms what we are seeing in the marketplace. More and more companies are moving to the cloud, even as cost is cited as a barrier by those resistant to change:
Last week, IBM announced their move to offer high volume cloud based email services. The offer, called LotusLive, is intended to counter the move to a new set of online offers like Google Apps, and our own Rackspace Email service. IBM is the latest in a long line of traditional enterprise software companies feeling the impacts of new SaaS models. And, like many of those companies, they intend to compete.
A recent Wall Street Journal story included mention that Rackspace is the second largest business email hosting provider. The article failed to mention who is number one. Will the number one provider please stand up?
There is a proven theory in the investing world about how one should not put all their eggs in one basket. In a word, diversification. The logic of diversification has been applied to many circles of life, but it is now proving to be good advice in communications, especially email.
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