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Rackspace is committed to being responsible stewards of the earth as we reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the communities we serve. That’s why we’re hosting our 7th Annual Rackspace Green Day (April 24, 2013). We want to connect our employees and our communities with local resources that enable us to live, work and play in a more sustainable manner – in our Austin, London and San Antonio offices.
This Thursday Rackspace is hosting its 4th annual Green Day to educate Rackers and the surrounding community about the latest in going green. This year’s Green Day will fall on Earth Day – April 22. Along with celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Rackspace will also be celebrating achieving the Castle’s LEED Gold Certification! The continuous recycling of the abandoned Windsor Park Mall into new and modern headquarters earned Rackspace the prestigious sustainable award.
Rackspace just completed its second ‘Green’ week. A year ago, Rackspace launched Greenspace, a proactive campaign to address the issues of power consumption and efficiency, carbon emissions, and general environmental responsibility.
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