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Rackspace just completed its second ‘Green’ week. A year ago, Rackspace launched Greenspace, a proactive campaign to address the issues of power consumption and efficiency, carbon emissions, and general environmental responsibility.
Our Greenspace initiative is an umbrella for all of our environmental and efficiency programs at Rackspace and one of the key areas of focus within Greenspace is data center efficiency. In May of last year, I posted an article over on the Rack Labs blogabout Rackspace joining an industry consortium called The Green Grid. The Green Grid was launched in February 2007 and today has over 150 members. The primary mission of GG is to advance energy efficiency in data centers around the world and as Rackspace is a big believer in running efficient data centers, it made a lot of sense for us to participate in this forum. We joined the group as a contributing member in March of last year and we’re proud to be one of the few hosting companies on the membership roster.
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