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The newest version of Rackspace Private Cloud software is available for Early Access now, and it’s based on the latest and greatest OpenStack release: Havana.
Kevin Jackson, a UK-based Rackspace Senior Cloud Architect , and Cody Bunch, a US-based Rackspace Principal Architect, joined forces earlier this year to work on the second edition of the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook. This is an update to the first edition Jackson wrote based on the Essex release of OpenStack. I caught up with both authors to ask a few questions on how this collaboration came about.
We want to keep our OpenStack®-powered Rackspace Private Cloud Software as up-to-date as possible. And today, we launched the latest version of the software, which is built on the most recent stable release of OpenStack, Grizzly. Grizzly is the seventh and latest version of OpenStack based on the alphabetical naming of releases and includes more than 230 new features to support production operations at scale and integrate into enterprise environments. Previous releases include Diablo, Essex and Folsom.
Hustling to release a full suite of open cloud products built on OpenStack last year reduced our overall involvement in the OpenStack community. It also created some implementation specifics that were out of sync with common practices in other OpenStack implementations.
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