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Rackspace is so excited, once again, to sponsor Geeklist’s Hack4Good this weekend. This time around, the Hack4Good hackathon will focus on projects and prototypes that address global climate change.
Waves of palpable excitement moved through the throng of developers, musicians and media as Slash took the stage at the end of the epic 12-hour Slashathon hackathon and aptly proclaimed, “That was a hell of a lot of fun!”
Shredding riffs and bleeding edge technology will collide during SXSW next week as the Geeklist-powered Slashathon hackathon marries hacks and axe to build the next great music app.
Rackspace’s collaborative developer workspace Geekdom San Francisco co-hosted a hackathon recently with the Highground Hackers to develop solutions to mental health issues. The hackathon generated 12 great solutions to real challenges.
Our love for developers knows no limits – we host and support hackathons, offer free cloud services and offer them the support they need to build awesome things.
Our first Appium Hackathon was such a success, that we’re doing it all over again. Next week (Monday, July 1) we’ll hold our second Appium Hackathon with our friends from Sauce Labs at the San Francisco Rackspace office!
Improving society is one of our core missions at Rackspace. We want to make our communities and the world a better place.
The hackathon we co-hosted with Sauce Labs last week to dive into Appium, the open source tool for mobile automation, was a brilliant success. Thank you to all who came out! We had such a great time that we plan to hold another hackathon soon.
Here at Rackspace we are deeply committed to furthering the software development community. We love things like well-tested applications and vibrant open source projects.
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