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It was February 14 and BuiltLean was about to have the biggest traffic day in its two- year existence. And we weren’t ready.
We were excited to welcome Rackspace customer FLO Cycling to our San Antonio HQ last week and have the team join our weekly Google+ Hangout.
If your mobile app ever gets a featured spot in an app store, Oprah endorses your product or you make an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, you are going to experience mind-blowing traffic to your site. Rackspace knows how to keep your app or site online when experiencing a high traffic event. Our customer gdgt knows this first hand as their site has been one of the few to remain accessible while live blogging important Apple announcements amid crushing traffic.
This is a guest post written and contributed by Chris Thornham, Co-Founder of FLO Cycling, a Rackspace customer that makes awesome, high-performance carbon fiber bicycle wheels.
You’ve worked hard on your application and are gearing up for a major event. You’ve heard me talk about the power of the cloud API, and have incorporated it into your app to control cloud infrastructure, in particular to scale up your configuration in a short amount of time. But before the big day comes, there is one important point to remember as you plan for a high traffic event.
One of my favorite parts of working here at Rackspace is getting to work directly with startups. I love the energy, the enthusiasm and the culture (I worked for three startups in a row before coming to Rackspace). Having seen startups both thrive and fail, I now see a startling reality: The number one killer of small businesses isn’t failure, but success. When startups haven’t planned for the amount of traffic that they can get at a venue like SXSW Interactive, their moment in the spotlight can be more damaging than good. Don’t let success at SXSWi crush your dreams. Take action today to prepare your project for success.
The big game is fast approaching, and as much as I love watching the Super Bowl, one of the best parts of the night is the commercials. This year, a 30-second spot is going to run companies a whopping $4 million. Most commercials will have a companion website for potential customers to visit after viewing the commercial. Being able to further engage viewers is one way that companies justify the hefty price tag, but if they are going to spend that much money on a television spot, they better be ready for the traffic that is coming their way.
Planning to get lots of exposure for your product or company?
Today Apple unveiled the sleek and sexy iPad mini and gdgt was again at the forefront to cover the iPad mini launch event live.
When it feels like the whole world is watching, you need a web site that can handle a massive traffic spike. For Villy Custom, a Rackspace Cloud Sites customer and Rackspace Startup Program member, that spike was roughly 3.2 million hits in a span of just about 25 minutes.
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