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Recently, the General Services Administration (GSA) solicited bids to take care of their massive email system. They embarked on a process many businesses are familiar with – finding the right fit of features, security, and cost to support their users. The GSA selected hosted email to serve remote offices, streamline administration, and reduce future investments. Though you may not have the same concerns as a government agency, choosing the right business email system to accommodate users, fit the budget, and scale with growth is critical. We’ll help you narrow it down to the most important criteria consider when choosing an email system.
Last year, over 188 billion emails circulated compared to 60 million Facebook updates and 1.4 million tweets. Email and social media are great for staying in touch with friends and family. Businesses are even using some of these same free social platforms and consumer-level email services to ramp up quickly and cheaply. But, are they really the best choice for primary business communication? Ask yourself these questions:
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