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Stability and scalability are imperative in an enterprise private cloud. Your workloads demand that your private cloud is up and running and that it can grow with your business.
Federated and interoperable OpenStack clouds are on the horizon, as code development work, led by a CERN research fellow sponsored by Rackspace as part of a CERN openlab project, has been included in the latest OpenStack release, Icehouse.
In April, the OpenStack Foundation released Icehouse, the ninth release of the OpenStack cloud platform. The general consensus seems to be that while Icehouse has some compelling new features, the focus of this version of OpenStack is on enterprise-grade readiness. Vendors like Rackspace and users with strong engineering talent have been very successful in creating enterprise-grade clouds using earlier OpenStack releases, but there has been a concerted focus by the community to stabilize the code and to enhance the operational capabilities of the platform. As a result, more vendors and partners in the ecosystem are now able to deliver OpenStack-powered products and services that can satisfy the stringent infrastructure requirements of enterprise shops.
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