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There is one misconception about the cloud that I frequently hear: people believe that in order to take advantage of the cloud you have to go all in or nothing at all. This simply isn’t true. In fact, with our hybrid cloud you can take advantage of the specific pieces of the cloud – public cloud or private cloud – while maintaining a dedicated presence.
One of the main draws to the hybrid cloud is creating an app that might be small today but could scale to be huge tomorrow. However, scalability is not something that happens right out of the box; it has to be built into your app and infrastructure.
Many of our ecommerce customers wonder how they can take advantage of cloud computing while remaining PCI compliant. With the hybrid cloud, they can take advantage of the scalability of our Cloud Servers while using a database on a dedicated server to process payment transactions. The best part is that if you have questions on how to make this happen, our Cloud Launch Team is going to be there to help you out.
One of the things that I am most proud about doing at Rackspace is starting the Cloud Launch Team. This team was designed to help existing and potential customers create the best cloud architecture and get the most out of this revolutionary new technology. Our team of Launch Managers has its fingers on the pulse of the technologies that power the cloud as well an understanding of what developers need to make the new generation of scalable applications. When you call Rackspace, all you have to do is ask to speak to a Launch Manager.
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