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This past Google+ Hangout took place on the Third Thursday, meaning that the floor was open to general Q&A for anyone interested in the cloud. We fielded questions that were posted to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, in addition to talking about some of cloud trends and best practices. Here is a recap of some of the top points, and you can watch the Cloud Office Hours Hangout video in its entirety below.
We’ve been doing a lot of IPv6 communication since the end of last year and recently launched IPv6 for most Rackspace products, excluding Cloud Servers. Many of you are familiar with IPv6 but what do you say when you’re trying to explain this change to someone like your mom or dad? We made a fun creative that will help you explain IPv6 in the simplest of terms. Take a look and feel free to share with others!
At Rackspace, we’ve been busy for the last 6 months getting ready for IPv6. We’ve spoken to our customers and our partners about industry impact and what it means to be IPv6-ready. We’ve collaborated across network, product, IT, security, monitoring, supply chain, sales and support teams to make sure we’ve covered all aspects of the customer experience. 160 days after we started, we are pleased to announce that we are ready to accept customers’ IPv6 requests for the following products:
Contributed by Product Managers Rob Jackson and Ed Conzel.
Jason Ackley, a Network Architect for Rackspace Backbone Engineering, is leading the global IPv6 deployment and IPv6 evangelization for Rackspace.
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