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Last week, we published The Ecommerce Customer Experience to help site operators start thinking about the building blocks of creating an ideal customer experience. Taking the time to focus on the customer experience can mean getting a bigger piece of the pie, as 86 percent of surveyed shoppers say they’d be willing to pay more for an improved site experience. The infographic below details some stats around the importance of paying attention to your site experience and how ecommerce hosting on the cloud can help.
You can build a slick site filled with popular products and rock-bottom prices, but if customers don’t trust your site or find themselves unable to navigate from browsing to cart to payment, your site could be doomed for failure.
Many CIOs still look cautiously toward the cloud – and rightly so. For large enterprises, making the move to cloud can be quite an undertaking and involve decision-makers from across the organization. The move also may require completely rethinking the way IT is provisioned. Despite the effort involved, it’s hard to ignore the payoff and long-term benefits of cloud. In the article 5 Reasons Cloud Computing is Enterprise Ready, we explore the top reasons CIOs need to consider cloud in their long-term IT strategy. Here are few intriguing stats from the article:
If you are just getting started with the cloud, system administration or software development, Rackspace has a number of tools to help you go from a cloud beginner to a cloud expert. In fact, Stackdriver recently gave Rackspace an A+ as one of the best clouds for novices to get started on. We have a lot of resources as you begin your cloud journey.
At Rackspace, in an effort to ensure that our customers get the most out of what we offer, we constantly work to update and improve the solutions we provide. We’ve recently made a few updates to our RackConnect solution that will help our customers better leverage a hybrid cloud environment.
After a few months in Beta, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Rackspace Knowledge Center. This new Knowledge Center is an integration of Cloud Hosting (Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, Cloud Sites) support articles and articles from our Hosting Knowledge center.
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