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The maturation of cloud computing is driving global growth, and the demand for multilingual support. Since a relatively small percentage of companies invest in formal language training programs, professionals have begun to rely upon translation apps to cope with the increasing volume of international requests. However, in the expanding global market a deep understanding of local culture is needed to provide quality support, and for that you need more than just an extensive vocabulary. While translation apps may seem like a great short term solution, failing to address the impact of language barriers can be costly to companies in the long run. Despite their usefulness, translation apps just can’t cut it when it comes to customer service.
During my first interview at Rackspace the lingering question was, “Are you going to miss speaking Spanish?” At the time I was transitioning from my role as Executive Assistant at El Pais: Washington DC Bureau, where I had spent the better part of two years speaking only Spanish, and three years prior living in Spain. It was a valid question, and initially there seemed to be limited opportunities for me to incorporate Spanish into my work life here at Rackspace. Lucky for aspiring Rackers, that’s starting to change.
In this interview with Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding, two of the co-creators of the Erlang programming language, Duncan McGreggor, Sr. Engineering Manager at Rackspace gets a journey through Erlang’s background, look at its strengths, and ponder the future of computing in a distributed world.
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