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I sent the following email to Rackers this morning:
What really drives tech entrepreneurs? What makes them tick? What drew the great disruptors to technology? Rackspace On Startups is a video series that explores insights from tech evangelists and founders – from Woz to Graham Weston.
San Antonio’s RackSpace is about to take over a million-square-foot mall in a bad part of town. Why? Well, in this two part presentation, Graham Weston, chairman, Dirk Elmendorf, Chief Technology Evangelist and Founder and Lew Moorman, SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, tell me why, give us a tour, and discuss the future plans of its business. Hear how Weston convinced 1, 400 people to move after they all were against the idea.
Below is a full transcript of Rackspace President Lew Moorman’s June 20, 2012 talk at the GigaOm Structure Conference in San Francisco. Video of the full presentation is available here.
Entrepreneurs are an essential fabric within the Rackspace Startup Program. To help facilitate the dreams of startups from ideation to implementation is truly fulfilling for the Space Cowboys. Startups are leading the way into the future of computing. Within Rackspace Hosting, we have leaders who embrace the startup movement and understand that we must engage, add more value to and enhance our relationships with startups. Lew Moorman, newly appointed President of Rackspace Hosting, is one of those leaders. Moorman joined Rackspace in April of 2000 and has served in a variety of strategy and marketing roles throughout the company’s growth. Now it’s time to go inside and find out Lew’s views on how Rackspace and the Startup Program are supporting startups.
Last week marked the first ever Rackspace Financial Analyst Day at the New York Stock Exchange, which culminated with Graham Weston and several Rackspace customers ringing the closing bell.
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