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Over the next 24 hours, Rackspace Cloud Queues will be rolled out and made available to all Rackspace Cloud customers. We know that a queuing system keeps your application running, and that switching may be a daunting decision, so we’re giving away Cloud Queues for free until January 2014. Try it out, performance test it, get familiar with the API and don’t worry about the bill.
Rackspace Cloud Queues is backed by the open source project, Marconi.  Below, Oz Akan,  Development Manager for Rackspace Cloud Queues and an active contributor to Marconi, walks us through the project. Want to try out Marconi without managing your own environment?  Want to explore open source code with the comfort of Fanatical Support behind you? Rackspace Cloud Queues is currently accepting Early Access participants.  Sign up here.  
Starting today, you can begin testing and exploring the Rackspace Cloud Queues service, a new tool designed to address the needs of large, distributed applications. Cloud Queues gives you a simple API to manage both a producer-consumer and a publisher-subscriber queuing and notifications service.
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