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It feels like summer is almost over. Vacations are wrapping up and kids are getting ready to head back to school – if the stores have anything to say about it, at least. It seems that summertime is quickly passing by.  But don’t let the latest episode of SharePoint Tuesday pass by. If you missed our July 17th episode of SharePoint Tuesday we’ve got it archived for download, so you can listen to it or watch it at your convenience.
Did you miss Rackspace’s June 19th SharePoint Tuesday? We’ve got a recap and recording of the event just for you.
Did you miss Rackspace’s latest SharePoint Tuesday event from June 5th? No problem, we’ve got you covered.
Social media platforms have become second nature throughout today’s work force and beyond. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all become some of the go-to collaboration tools within many businesses. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder study found that 35 percent of companies have been using social media to promote their company in some way.
Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint—they’re household names. But there’s one Microsoft app that many businesses are just now beginning to discover. An app that increases productivity by fostering team communication and by helping users organize, share, and track documents across their organization:
Every business has to decide on ways to solve the everyday need of collaborating with others in and outside the organization. This leads to many businesses asking — “How can we help our employees be more productive?”
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